Our Vision

Our vision is to educate, engage and empower youth and their parents to live a prosperous life regardless of their background and environment.

Our Mission

YES  team is leading and teaching the next generation of brilliant young leaders on how to develop life skills, financial literacy, creative innovations,  and provide resources to become self-sufficient and building wealth to sustain the next generation.

UPCOMING:  YES Academy is collaborating with Miami Dade College to provide Financial Literacy on a monthly basis. Weekly zoom workshops.

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Founder Passion:

Currently, Esther Johnson is the manager of Young Excellent Scholar Academy, located in Miami, FL. Mrs. Johnson is a former Interventionist/business teacher for Miami Public Schools, which is the 4th largest school district in the United States. In the last 20 years, she has devoted her time and talents educating youth academically and socially.   Mrs. Johnson has been helping children and families with social services for more than 20 years in Miami as the Executive Director for the 93rd St. Community Development Corporation (non-for-profit) and 93rd Street Community Baptist Church. She has build partnerships with the Federal, State and local governments along with financial institutions and local companies. She has secured government funding and private funding and resources to sustain the social services program for low-income families for 20 years. In addition, she is a former Assistant Housing Director for the U.S. Coast Guard and has worked for the Federal Government for approximately 15 years.

Volunteer at the following:

  • 93rd St. Baptist Church
  • 93rd St. Community Development
  • Department of Justice, Juvenile Detention Centers
  • Youth for Christ (His House).
  • Department of Correction  Women (TGK) Detention
  • Miami Rescue (women shelters)
  • Miami Bridge

CEO/Manager Background: 

  • Founder, Young Excellent Scholar Academy
  • Executive Director (non-for-profit)
  • School Teacher/Adult Business Teacher
  • Christian Counselor
  •  Minister/Inspirational Speaker
  • Real Estate Investor/Stock Investor
  • Author

Meet the Team

Esther Johnson

Founder & CEO


Faith Johnson

Vice President/Instructor

Schedule a conference call or email yesacademymiami@gmail.com

Business Telephone:  305 704-7707