ABC Reality Book

ABC Reality is an encouraging and enriching book that will elevate your mind and greatly inspire you through affirmations, breakthroughs, and confessions. This awesome book is filled with wisdom from renowned leaders to help elevate your mind and spirit to receive goodness. If you or someone you know need to be encouraged and transformed this is the book. You are blessed to be a blessing so purchase this book and help someone or yourself.  Thank you!

Readers’ Comments:

“After reading ABC Reality, it really made me stop and ask myself many questions. Are you really doing things according to the Will of God? Am I walking in my gifts God gave me?  I stopped and really did a life changing evaluation. I was reminded of things I were doing and some things I needed to improve in. After reading ABC Reality, I truly enjoyed my life more.”

– Shirley Wilson, Miami, FL

“I really enjoyed reading ABC Reality because I began to change my negative thoughts towards other.  I truly want to think good thoughts.”

– A. Owens – Student at Parkview Elementary

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