2020 – Dream and Desire

Dream and Desire

And the Lord answered me and said, write the vision and make it plain upon the tables, that he may run that read it (Habakkuk 2:2)

This is 2020 so make sure your vision and goals are concise, consistent and clear because without a written plan; you will not remember all your goals/assignments in your head; therefore, write it and do it! Remain focus to the overall mission. It is called a vision so that you can gaze and evaluate and re-evaluate your progress.

Be Concise. It’s very important because you want to start with small details to propel your brain to begin to your projects/assignments. Compose with bullets which are very beneficial and meant to keep your thoughts/sentences short. Although, you may have 20 bullets points or less (keep it short); the most important matters are the tasks to be completed. List the main things/ideas that must be done (foundational blocks). Add layers periodically or frequently.

Be Consistent. It is a major component to growth. If you want to see the progress, you must remain consistent in the work/project. Give your projects deadlines; If the deadlines are not met then modify deadlines until each project is done. For example, if you commit to exercise and want to see results, it will take consistency at least three times per week (90 days or more). I strongly believe when you want to learn and grow in a new area, you must be consisted in gathering knowledge weekly or frequently and retain it. Collect information such as articles, read the articles then file articles in your mail folder. Maintain references or documents which may be very helpful later in the future.

Be Clear. It is not the least important factor, but the most important. I intentionally want to place more emphasis on clarity because I want everyone to retain it. If you don’t have clarity it will be very difficult to navigate or a waste of time and money.   Don’t waste time and money on projects that will be useless because of lack of clarity of your vision. Take your time and do the work necessary for preparation. Conduct research and find resources that are free or inexpensive if possible. When building a foundation, it should be carefully designed with the right people on the team to provide the skills or advice (find a mentor} which is needed to be well structed. Build a team of people that will strengthen the overall mission/goals. Ensure your funds are enough; budget is a major component in building a solid organization as well as CREDIT. Know your target demographic and find ways to connect with your clients. These are a few C’s methods to retain while building a business.

Blessings upon your dreams and desires. Wish you prosperity, peace and love.

Yours Inspirational coach,

Queen Esther








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